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About the Energy Assistance Foundation

Smiling Elderly Woman

Each year, thousands of Illinois families struggle to keep their homes safe and comfortable during harsh winters and summers.

They can include elderly neighbors on a fixed income, people coping with job loss or single parents struggling to make ends meet. You can make a difference in their lives by contributing to the Energy Assistance Foundation™. 

Through Warm Neighbors Cool Friends, the Foundation provides bill payment assistance. Donations are tax-deductible and 100% of contributions go directly to assist those in need. Please help a neighbor today. 

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Hear from the people who we've helped keep the lights on at home.

A Customer Coming Back from COVID

I had to reach out and just let you know what Ameren and the good folks behind the company have, and, are currently are doing for my family and I through these seemingly difficult times for most Americans. At one point it in my life I had real Olympic aspirations, a college education, and an okay job. Well life changed when I had two beautiful kids, settled down and my wife Kassandra, whom seemed to battle her own health issues with numerous open heart surgeries throughout her life was just getting by. Coronavirus had also paid us a visit twice within the year and killed our financial life. Long story short, was I was in a real depressed state due to all of this and I was about to strike out with power and somehow Susan Sams number appeared on my lap (cool neighbors warm friends) after a long day at work. I was beyond thankful, I tear up just thinking about the joy of actual help, and a beautifully friendly voice telling me it was going to be okay. It may not be much to anyone but to me that call back was everything. People do care, and restored my faith In not just people, but also the good folks that keep my lights on. I am so blessed, thank you so much. Attached may be a few pictures of the lives that have changed because of you! 

A Customer with a Terminal Illness

A senior citizen called for help with her bill. Her husband was terminally ill, and she had been hospitalized twice - once for a knee replacement and a second time for the flu. As a result, they had fallen behind in their bill payments and did not qualify for federal assistance. A WNCF grant helped relieve some stress in their lives.  

A Family of Six Behind on Their Bills

During a summer when the husband had only limited work available to him, a family of six had fallen behind in their bill payments and would soon have their power shut off. Although they had never had to ask for assistance before, the wife reluctantly reached out to WNCF. By the next day, the WNCF staff had been able to remove the late fees and make a grant payment toward the balance owed. “I am so appreciative that the staff went the extra mile to make a difference for my family,” the wife said. 
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