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Susan Sams 

Executive Director of the Energy Assistance Foundation 

Susan graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Special Education focusing on Hearing Impaired children. 

Susan's career journey is an inspiring and fascinating one. As she held on to her purpose of solving problems and was a reliable asset to her community, she taught children with hearing impairment, transitioned to a substitute teacher, a sign language instructor, and worked as a volunteer for many organizations for 26 years. 


In 2005, Susan joined the EAF as the Executive Director, and for the last seventeen years, Susan has remarkably impacted many lives. "This is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had. Being able to make a difference in so many families and seniors' lives is something that I enjoy every single day." Susan passionately and enthusiastically said.

It confirms that Susan is indeed fulfilling her purpose while contributing to the living conditions in the Central Illinois area. Although people seemed hesitant about the help offered by the EAF, Susan's good communication strategies paved a convincing way to approach them, offering the utility bill assistance. Susan is proud of keeping Illinois homes and hearts warm and cool year-round.

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